Our Story

The story of MyStreet Ice Cream on demand come about when two brothers on a Sunday heard an ice cream van playing the famous sound. So the two brothers ran outside to buy some. After all it was a beautiful day for a nice cold ice cream. It was one of those days where the kids would run through the sprinklers to stay cool and afterwards seat down on the street verge and enjoy a delicious chocolate dipped with cookies and cream, ice cream on a waffle cone. Because the brothers had missed their opportunity. This is when they had a thought, “What if, we could get the ice cream van come to us.” That’s where the idea for mystreet began.

The brothers told their idea to their father. The father loved it and also wanted to teach the boys to follow their dreams and ideas. Now because of the brother’s father supporting and helping them believe, the idea has come for everyone to enjoy.

Our Working Process

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